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And so it goes on, rain, rain and more rain... it certainly doesn't make for active days outdoors. We've been sitting inside chatting and thought to share our talks with you. Here's one with Kerri. You may not have met yet as she's the most recent recruit to the Naturally Chiropractic family.
TALK a conversation with Kerri Elston Doherty _
Kerri has been a chiropractor for 18 years, with a career track record that extends from San Francisco to the US, UK and Ireland.

Can you tell us a little bit about your personal journey before chiropractic?
I was born in Canada but moved to the US as an adult to work as a tour guide and travel planner. Living in different cultures is an incredibly significant learning curve and brings credibility to almost everything you do. Every experience builds you as a person. When you travel you need to be willing to adapt - different languages, expressions, even foods! I look back and acknowledge that not only working in travel, but experiencing everyday living in many places, gave me a capacity to understand others. It’s something I hold with me as a chiropractor.

Eventually you settled in the UK, married and had a family. What do you feel has affected you and your work the most?
The most remarkable event for me has been my children. I became a mother quite late in life – at 40, to twins. After designing a life to suit 'just me', I now had to look at every aspect of my life and reassess EVERYTHING. Naturally, I see so much through their eyes. Curiously though, this hasn’t made me want to focus exclusively on chiropractic for kids. Becoming a parent has inspired a wonderful appreciation for my own parents and grandparents – their triumphs and challenges. It’s a joy to get to know my clients with far more life experience than I, and to be able to both understand their concerns and guide their ideas for health and life.
So how do you see the future for you – will you stay in chiropractic?
Chiropractic will always be a part of my life. In addition to practice, I'd like to explore teaching and sharing this perspective with my wider community. I have had an amazingly varied and interesting life so far! Thinking back on my first nearly 5 decades, I often reflect that the decisions I made across the years need to be readdressed for where I am now and what I've learned works for me. I will hold onto the decisions that are still valid, drop ones that were less successful, and explore new interests. Life is too amazing not to!
And was becoming a chiropractor one of the good decisions?
Absolutely! The thoughts that are currently ticking around in my brain are the ones about what to focus on as I move on in life. I do know that I will never be afraid to change as a person or try something new that can unlock my best talents, both personally and professionally.
Next month, we'll be chatting with Jo...
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