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Vanessa Waters: inspired to become a chiropractor while still at school, Vanessa studied in Wales before making her home in Newcastle.

The inspiration to become a chiropractor came when I was still at school. I enjoyed playing many sports but severe knee pain often prevented me from participating. Then my aunt had a back injury which was so severe my uncle had to carry her in to see a chiropractor. After that first session she was able to walk back to the car!

As a result, I decided to try chiropractic treatment and was amazed at the difference I felt in posture and flexibility and, from that time, I wanted to become a chiropractor.

I studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and after graduating in 2009 I moved to Newcastle. I worked in several practices before I made the decision to follow my other passion, to travel.

Upon my return, I had the opportunity to set up my own practice and have enjoyed the many challenges of owning a business. However, after seven very busy years, my patient base has grown to such an extent that running the business has become all consuming when I would rather focus on being the best chiropractor I can be. Therefore, I feel very fortunate indeed to now have the opportunity to return to Naturally Chiropractic where I can concentrate on further developing my Chiropractic skills within a supportive team who will allow and encourage me to improve my work life balance.

In my spare time I love to keep active and I enjoy exploring the Northumberland coastline with my partner and dog.

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