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Living Naturally is the personal website of Tyneside chiropractor, Estelle Zauner Maughan. First built on her need to gain a better diet for herself, she now shares her thoughts and results here.
So what exactly is the SD Protocol? And more importantly, how does it effect us?

Over at Naturally Chiropractic, Joanne and Estelle recently certified as SD Protocol practitioners because, after first learning about it last year, it was becoming more and more apparent that all our clients at the practice would benefit from our knowing more and having the skills to help you calm your nervous system.

SD stands for Sympathetic Dominant. The automatic part of our nervous system has 2 parts. The sympathetic part helps fire you up to get you out of trouble (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic part helps you be calm and relaxed (rest, digest). A sympathetic response can be triggered by poor posture over a long period of time as much as it can be triggered by a tiger chasing us.

More and more, we are living in a state of stress. Sitting too long, too much screen time, virtual social interactions instead of actual ones, financial and family stresses… the list goes on and on. This means that our body is constantly on the alert for the tiger chasing us (no matter what form it is taking) and not switching into relax mode often enough or effectively.

So, how can Joanne and I help you?

The obvious bit first – chiropractic adjustments (delivered in the right way to the right areas) help your body deal with stresses better. We can help you improve your posture, and most importantly get your brain and body talking to each other in a clearer way.

Secondly, we can help you address the other areas that are affected by chronic stress. Digestion problems, headaches, sleep problems, hormonal imbalances, light and sound sensitivity just to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more, then ask at the practice. We will have lots of reading material to start you off on your journey and the whole team is excited to be able to help people in this way!

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