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Reviews by Estelle Zauner-Maughan of Naturally Chiropractic


Brian Tracy

Following on from the happiness project from January and continuing the momentum of an organised and forward thinking year, I was recommended this little gem of a book to read. As with the Happiness Project, it has spawned a new focus and a few new phrases being thrown around my family and the practice. As more of the chiropractic and actual family read it, we are all starting to talk about eating frogs related to many facets of our lives.

Now you all know we are a little strange to begin with, but we are not ACTUALLY eating frogs. The title of this book refers to a quote by Mark Twain whereby he famously stated that by getting up and eating the biggest ugliest frog you can find, your day can only get better from that point on. In terms of productivity (be it in your work or daily life) Brian Tracy places time management into the same concept.  Of all the things you need to achieve today (or this month or this year) there will be one or two tasks that you are dreading....but will make the biggest difference to your outcome if you tackle first. For example, a friend of mine hates washing but has 6 kids and therefore it's the biggest ugliest task of her day. She is in the habit of getting up and putting a load on first thing every day so it is done by the time breakfast is over....Frog eaten for the day, she can get on doing the other things she really enjoys doing!

Broken down simply into 21 steps to enable smooth transitioning to a more productive, happy and efficient life/goal/job experience, this book is easy to read and put into practice. Knives and forks at the ready, go get those frogs!!!


Gretchen Rubin

Over the Christmas break, I was blessed with an opportunity to actually stop. Running a busy practice and working as a chiropractor in that same busy practice doesn’t give me a lot of time for myself. Having a whole month off rehabbing my knee after surgery gave me space to think. I was so happy in my self and my life, but still felt there was space for improvement. My wonderful husband got it straight away and told me about the Happiness Project. Indeed, he went out and bought it for me as soon as he could.

This book is not a psychological fix, but it looks at ways to make sustainable change in your life to allow you to find more fun and happiness in the moments of every day.

Where most people fail with their New Years resolutions is in the planning and execution. Starting the year with a list of things to change on day one and no structure as to how you are going to actually achieve it. Gretchen Rubin breaks the year into convenient bite-sized chunks (there are 12 months, why not set monthly challenges! Brilliant!), and while I was already basically happy with my lot and the way I lead my life Gretchen gives simple ways to make it even more so.

The advice given is easy to follow, achievable over time, and the best part is Gretchen recognises in a big way how making other people happy contributes to your own happiness. You won’t just be making yourself happier, but everyone around you too!  I did find myself questioning some of the things I do every day though. Do these jobs add to my happiness? Not at all. Could I be a happier person by being more streamlined and organised? Absolutely. And I have to say that it worked for me especially when it comes to daily tasks. I have so far organised my wardrobe and the kitchen cupboards. Next month I'm going to organise a years worth of birthday cards for family and friends....

Reading this book has possibly created a whole new monster in the execution of some of the advice, but in the pursuit of happiness the challenge is part of the fun.

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