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There are many reasons why we have concerns about how our brain is working. It may be age, an accident or perhaps you are caring for an elderly or very young person.
There are also foods that can help. Here are six that can aid our thought processes and nervous system function.

adding more vitamin-rich berries to your diet may help improve your memory, plus they can decrease a type of stress in cells associated with aging and increase the signaling capabilities in our brains.

these contain high levels of a compound called luteolin, which could reduce age-related memory deficits and inflammation in the brain. Olive oil, peppers and celery have similar properties.

Coffee and tea:
studies on caffeinated coffee have shown that it may slow Alzheimer's or even never develop. Tea has protective effects on the brain and tea drinkers do better in tests on memory and information processing.
Fish and fats:
rich in omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish can help protect against Alzheimer's and cognitive decline. Likewise, certain fats such as those found in coconuts and avocados help fuel our nervous systems.
with vitamins C and E, spinach can improve cognitive abilities by increasing brain and nerve tissues. It also increases the release of dopamine, the chemical that controls flow of information to different parts of the brain.
containing high amounts of antioxidants, some researchers say these may combat the damage to brain cells' DNA caused by free radicals in our bodies. (Oh, and they look like teensy brains.)
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