December 2018
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A very Happy Christmas to all of you from all of us at Naturally Chiropractic and Living Naturally
It's nearly Christmas, for all of us one of the busiest times of the year.
In keeping with the festive spirit, we are running a special 12 days of Christmas event. Every day from December 6th to 21st, we will draw one name at random from those who have an adjustment on that day... and that lucky person will receive a fantastic gift donated by some of our local businesses and fabulous colleagues.
The prizes showcases some of our amazing Tynemouth businesses plus we have a special gift arriving from See Through Sand, Estelles's favourite glass artist. Most have a theme, Made by Hand with love: there's chocolates from our favourite chocolatier, Gareth James, bespoke coffee from Dancing Goat Cold Brew and vouchers from local restaurants. That's just to mention a few, the rest are surprises.
Back at the practice...__
Estelle is back at the helm and would like to thank Megan for taking care of us all last month. She'll be back in the New Year so we are looking forward to seeing her then.
Please note that the practice will be closed from December 22 until January 2nd.
It's Toys for Adjustment Day this Wednesday. So many toys and food items are already rolling in that Santa would be jealous! Thanks everyone! We still have a few appointments so if you would like one, please get in touch.
Hand made with love...__
On the subject of hand made, can we suggest you keep mind, body – and budget – in a happy place by either making your own Christmas gifts and decorations this year or supporting local small businesses? The season always seems to provide a load of extra chores but getting the family together to create personal gifts is fun. The kids love making paper chains and ornaments with card and brightly coloured wool or decorating cup-cakes with a seasonal theme.
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