APRIL 2019
Helping you EAT, MOVE and THINK your way to better health
"Two weeks in to my healing process after knee surgery and the hard work can now start."

Estelle says,"most people go into surgery or a health crisis with a belief that once the wound or injury is healed up you are back to normal and ready to go! Actually, that is when the hard work really starts. Wound healing takes a few weeks, inflammation takes a few weeks, but what caused the problem in the first place? How long have you been working out of kilter before your weakest link gave out?

Once the body’s emergency has settled down, you can start to reverse the bad habits and rehabilitate your body. Improve your diet and nutrition, exercise to increase your strength and muscle balance, get adjusted so your brain is getting the clearest messages possible and address any lifestyle areas that you can. It’s hard graft and worth every step of the journey."
Dates for your diary..._
As you can see, Estelle's knee is improving by the day and she will be back to adjusting on April 15th. In the meantime, Sam Pinkerton has now started at the practice. He's sliding into our system rather smoothly and we are just loving having a gentleman in the office!
It's not long to go, but we are pleased to confirm that Jo will back at the practice full time from the beginning of May.
Appointments available online or call 0191 259 6777.
...and our Easter colouring competition!_
It's that time, it's chocolate and bunnies and all sorts of silliness that we celebrate in modern terms. But do you know how these celebrations came about?
Most of us think that Easter has religious roots to do with the resurrection of Jesus. However, long before that it was a pagan festival, which celebrated the onset of the Spring solstice, when days and nights are of equal length. In ancient times, people gave thanks to the various goddesses of Spring as they knew life would get easier. In 325AD, the first Christian council recognized the value of this existing celebration and choose this period to become what we now know as Easter.
Our current customs came from Germany – giving eggs represents new life while the Easter bunny is associated with fertility. These traditions started in the 1700's and became a fixture of our modern calendar in the 19th century.
At the practice, we are celebrating with a colouring competition for the kids. Bring them in this month so they can join in the fun – and maybe win a little prize!
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