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Facing up to another year...

The start of 2019 has presented some unexpected challenges at the practice but, as always, we are embracing them and using them to develop and change.

Estelle has at last been given dates to get that pesky knee fixed so she will be reducing the hours she spends adjusting from the beginning of March. However, she will be in and out of the practice, working behind the scenes and talking to new clients. To cover, we have two amazing locums stepping in (more below) and our fabulous new assistant, Nell Marshall, who will be Estelle's legs until that knee has recovered. Nell will be helping everyone here to keep their days running smoothly.
We are also going to spend a little time in March with paints and brushes, rearranging a bit and tidying up the practice.
... the new faces __
Some of you will already have met the fabulous Megan Lilburne. After graduating from Macquarie University in Sydney, she has built up a decade of chiropractic experience including a good deal of time as a locum. Working with a wide variety of different practices is now her preferred career path as she loves the diversity this presents.
Completely new to Naturally Chiropractic, Sam Pinkerton is an American who trained at the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been practising for nearly four decades including a long stint in Australia before settling in Belfast with his Irish wife. However, he will spend some time with us to see how we work and share strategies.
Megan will be working the first two weeks of March and Sam the following four weeks. Book appointments online or call 0191 259 6777. Ros and Tracy will advise on hours and availability.
... and happy faces __
We hope you all have happy faces on Valentines Day. It is after all, a day for everyone everywhere to do something special for those we love.
If you're a bit stumped over what to get that all-important significant other, could we suggest a massage gift voucher? With a choice of half or full hour appointments, these are great value and ideal for making that person feel wonderful. And they are (perhaps) a little healthier than chocolates and champagne! You can purchase a voucher online and we will post it to you or feel free to drop in.
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