June 2019
Helping you EAT, MOVE and THINK your way to better health
Getting in touch with nature and having a weekend with no technology helps tap into your body’s parasympathetic (calm, rest, digest) side. It brings us down from our constant stress ride and resets our body’s natural rhythm when we are going to bed and rising with the sun.
Last month, we encouraged this change for kids, but it's just as important for adults. Let’s explain parts of the autonomous nervous system a bit at a time...
The parasympathetic nervous system is the rest, digest and breed side of our autonomic nervous system. Think of the autonomic system as the bit that regulates us, keeps us north of the dirt and happens without conscious control. All parts need to work in balance and parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are like a seesaw. They work to oppose each other.
The parasympathetic system is activated when you are relaxed. Yoga, meditation, chiropractic adjustments to specific areas of the spine and things that bring us joy all stimulate this system. Without it being switched on, we can’t sleep properly, digest our food effectively, operate our reproductive system fully or maintain our immune system. Finding time to switch off from work and technology daily helps keep our parasympathetic system healthy. 
At the practice... __
Many of you will have met Estelle's right-hand woman, or should we say left leg? Nell joined the team to assist Estelle while she recovered and she has now made herself invaluable to Jo as well. Many of you have asked to know a little more about her: Nell is currently at college and is studying music. Her passion is drumming so she has made that her speciality. We do wonder how long before we see her across the road at the Mouth of the Tyne festival.
Our schedules have pretty much returned to normal. You can book appointments for Estelle online or if you would specifically like to see Jo, please call in for her latest schedule and appointment availability.
In the meantime – and as summer continues to improve – can we remind you all to keep moving. To quote Nobel prize winner, Dr Roger Sperry, 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement to the spine!
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