MARCH 2019
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Seriously? Just two...

Moving rapidly past the obvious underlying comedy, did you know that the human eye can see an unlimited number of colours, whether grey or something far cheerier. The leading Pantone colour system, used by designers and artists around the world, has rather more than the infamously quoted 50, yet the most recognised figure is 256, the number of shades that we can see on a computer screen.

We have just two at the practice. Ash Grey and Princess Grey are our fresh new tones so you will see our stylish new look the next time you drop in.
... black and blue __
We are pleased to announce that, 'black and blue' did not become part our theme, nor indeed, anything to do with Estelle's knee operation. She emerged smiling from hospital on the same day and went straight home to put her knee up with the family.
It may take a while for her to reappear at work, but at the moment it seems that will take far less time than expected. In the meantime, Megan has been doing a sterling job, and we are all looking forward to Sam's arrival.
There are appointments available online or call 0191 259 6777. Ros and Tracy will advise on hours and availability.
... and a hint of spice.__
Having an operation is never a joyous prospect, especially as recovery can be slow. One of the main reasons for this is the inflammation caused by any invasive procedure. When it comes to resolving that, our diets can play a big part in geting us well again. These 10 foods are some of the best for helping reduce inflammation:
Blueberries | Ginger | Cacao | Turmeric | Green Tea | Leafy greens | Coconut oil
Cruciferous vegetables | Wild caught Fish | Fermented foods |
It's easy to add some these in your daily diet – for example, fry some leafy greens in coconut oil and serve with roasted salmon; treat your self to a couple of squares of dark chocolate (only dark has sufficient cacao) or a spicy curry will include both ginger and turmeric.
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