May 2019
Helping you EAT, MOVE and THINK your way to better health
The clocks have changed, our days are longer and the weather is improving. It's time to corall the youngsters and get them into the great outdoors.
Being active is incredibly important to the development of our children, it encourages healthy growth in their bodies, improves coordination and reduces the risk of obesity. Team sports are good for building social and personal skills, while independent activities will improve confidence and mental heath.
Encouraging the kids away from their digital devices is vital for them but doesn't mean it has to be a drama for you. Introduce them to hopscotch and skipping; set up a scavenger hunt or build a bug hotel. When you can join in, get them collecting pebbles and rocks on the beach or leaves in the park to make a scrap book.
Combine all this with regular spinal check-ups to ensure that their nerves are communicating correctly with their brains and keep them top of their favourite game.
A quick review of recent events... __
Our Easter colouring competition was a lot of fun – as always. Thanks to all the participants, whose classy artworks are currently decorating our wall. Congratulations to the winners: Frankie Joe, age 7, Emma, age 10 and Cath, our adult. They have each received a chocolate egg from the wonderful Gareth James Chocolatiers.
It's time for Jo to return to the practice and we are delighted to have her back. She will be working on a rotating schedule so please call and we can advise her days – or you can book an appointment here. And just to let you know that Estelle is now off for a long-standing appointment with a Pacific Manta Ray – and with clearance to dive from her surgeon.
Hot chocolate for kids__
It's just past Easter and, if you're anything like us, have been overindulging for a few days. We'll take this opportunity to remind you that there is nothing wrong with chocolate, just buy the very best as it will have minimal additives.
A special treat for your kids after a brisk walk on the beach or a ramble up a mountain is this amazing hot chocolate recipe. It's very simple and rather exotic
Pour a can of full fat coconut milk into a saucepan. Stir to dissolve the solids as it warms, then add 50 grams of chopped good quality dark chocolate and a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Keep stirring until it's all fully melted and hot (but don't let it boil). If you, or the kids, find it a little bitter, add a teaspoon of organic honey.
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