September 2019

... a change
of plans

Many of you will know by now that Estelle has had her knee surgery scheduled for September 2nd. This sudden and rather unexpected change means we are rearranging our appointment calendars and will be contacting some of you over the next few days. Our phones are going to be busy, so please leave a message or contact us here. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
We have had some changes at the practice too, so you will be well looked after in the coming weeks!
Many Happy Returns ––>
Back in the 1700's, the phrase "many happy returns of the day" was used to wish a person a rewarding day, full of happiness. Since then it has become the greeting of note for birthdays.

It's the 124th birthday of chiropractic this month but we are (mostly) wishing many happy returns to those who have come back to us at the practice!

Vanessa Waters has returned to the fold and we are delighted to have her back with us. After a year working on her own, she feels happy to know that being here means she can focus more completely on being a chiropractor, rather than a business owner. She will be working every day, for half a day – her complete schedule is here.

Joanne Clifford is now back too! Her little ones, Jack and Thomas, have taken much of her time, but she is with us on Tuesdays and Fridays, working her regular schedule.

Paul Kjos will be new to many of you, but both Estelle and Jo vouch for him with lots of relaxed sighs. Paul hails from Portland, Oregon and is stepping in from September 14 onwards to cover for Estelle and that pesky knee. On which subect...

Estelle will be popping in and out, advising and helping the team as much as possible. She will be returning to the practice as soon as she is back to full form.

Returning to health ––>

We are often asked for general health advice at the practice and this can frequently focus on food. A few years back, Estelle wanted to create a better diet for hersef, and her research led to the development of her personal website, Living Naturally. Based on her personal beliefs, it has lots of information on how to make some long term, sustainable changes.

For those of you interested in a professional view on this, we would also recommend a talk by Damian Kristof, called the Power of Food. Damian is a Nutritionist, Naturopath – and Chiropractor – from Melbourne. His talk is on September 17 at Kings Senior School in Tynemouth. Details are here.
Returning to nature ––>
Damian is also the man behind an Australian breakfast cereal brand called Forage showing how easy it is to swap processed foods for those that are 100% natural. We agree with this one small change so here are two 'muesli' recipes from Estelle, who eats a Paleo diet, and web designer, Beth, whose husband has extreme nut allergies.
CADA muesli
This grain-free muesli is a Paleo staple. Adapt the fresh fruit for variety and always eat this when fresh.
NUT free muesli
An adaption of the CADA recipe that can be stored for several weeks.
40 grams each of Coconut, fresh or dessicated, Almonds, Dates and a large Apple.
For a single portion, pour all the ingredients into blender or similar and blitz to a chunky consistency. Serve with natural yoghurt, coconut milk or nut milk.
100 grams each of Coconut, fresh or dessicated, Sunflower seeds, chopped Dates and dried aprocots or mango. Pour all the ingredients into large airtight jar and shake until mixed. Will store for some time if you make larger quantities. Serve with natural yoghurt, coconut milk or rice milk.
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