And hello 2020!
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It’s a new decade and, like everyone, we are assessing the past and thinking about the future. With 20:20 hindsight, we all know we could have done a bit more and a bit better when it comes to being as fit and well as possible. If only we had twenty-twenty vision!

At Naturally Chiropractic, we aim to help all our clients achieve that goal. We really appreciate that so many of you have passed the word around and introduced your friends and family to the clinic.

To continue keeping our community in peak condition, we are offering a 20% discount to all new customers registering with us during January, 2020.
Feel free to spread the news, forward this email or send our phone number to anyone you feel might benefit from an assessment by one the team. Thanks!
Last month –––>

The whole team has been taking a much deserved break after all the seasonal festivities. Apart from our wonderful Christmas party, we had an outstanding – and very successful – Toy Day. Untold amounts of goodwill came flooding through our doors, with presents and foods galore donated – and then quickly despatched – to the Salvation Army and Whitley Bay Foodbank. Both charities were overwhelmed by your generosity, and send thanks to all.

We also had great fun with our 12 Days of Christmas event. It was delightful to have so many local businesses involved so please continue to support them. Our high streets are important!
This month –––>
Please contact Ros and Tracey
to make appointments by phone
or fill in the form online.

The practice will reopen on January 2nd and we will be back to our full schedules.

Estelle – Monday pm | Tuesday am | Wed am | Thursday pm
Joanne –
All day Tuesday | Friday morning
Vanessa –
Tuesday pm | Wednesday am | Friday am
Paul –
All day Monday | Friday pm
Massage therapists:
Catherine – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Clare – Friday

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