March 2020
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As always, we like to touch on topical health issues as they arise. The latest concern is, of course, the spread of Corona Virus. Like other viruses that have spread in the past such as SARS or seasonal Flu, it can be a concern for many. So far, apart from its rapid spread around the world and being built up enormously in the press, the rates of severe consequences from Coronavirus appear to be less than the above mentioned SARS and seasonal Flu.

So, what exactly can we all do to help support and strengthen our immune system?

VITAMIN D: we normally absorb this from the sun, of which there is currently very little! A supplement of Vitamin D3 taken at this time of year will top up your levels and may help sharpen up your immune system and its ability to fight off invaders.
VITAMIN C: although we can get this from many types of fruit and veg, our systems do not retain it for very long. Taking a high dose, spread over the day has been shown to help your body fight a virus, especially if you are having respiratory problems.
ECHINACEA: although the jury is out on how effective this can be, there is some evidence that extracts from the flowering plant may help to fight infections. Some research indicates other benefits, like lower blood pressure and healthy cell growth.
Talk to us if you are interested in topping yourself up with any of these supplements and recommended doses as there is a lot of variation on the market.
At the practice –––>
If you need any more advice with ways to fight off winter bugs, feel free to call in the the practice. We are always happy to help and an adjustment can help your body work at its best.
Appointments for an adjustment or a massage can be made while you are there, or feel free to use our contact form online.
The 100% flu shot

At home –––>
Our favourite preventative measure for fighting colds and the flu comes in a little shot glass...
Juice of 4 large lemons
50gms fresh ginger
50gms fresh turmeric, or 2 teaspoons of powder
Honey and black pepper to taste
Juice the lemons and ginger, store in a glass container in the refrigerator.
Pour some into a shot glass daily, add the turmeric and a sprinkle of black pepper (this helps get the best stuff out of the turmeric).
Drink this immediately.
One shot per day is ideal for topping up your vitamin levels.
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