May 2020
Helping you EAT, MOVE and THINK your way to better health

It can be hard to look on the bright side as we continue to pass through all the stages of this very rare event. We can only hope life goes back to normal soon.

Naturally, when some of you have come to visit the practice, it has been the top topic of conversation so Estelle has been posing the question, "what positive changes have you made recently, that you want to keep going?" The responses have been wide and varied and, frankly, reassuring. Estelle says thanks to all of you that cheered up her day.
Here are some answers that made her smile. Perhaps you will find some inspiration too!
More time to take of care of me, my hair, nails, feet.
Finally getting to start the redecorating.
Finally getting to finish one of the three books I have started.
Going back to my childhood hobbies.
Not having to do the ironing!
Teaching the kids to cook.
Being able to enjoy exercising rather than running to the car/metro/bus.
Getting out into the garden and watching the flowers bud then bloom.
Watching the increase in birds outside and...
knowing that the air is cleaner, wildlife is flourishing and the planet is getting a break from our very modern lives.
In the words of the famous Ian Drury, there are Reasons to be Cheerful. We just to need to look for them and appreciate the changes while we can.
At the practice ––>

To comply with Government guidelines, the practice is only able to provide limited access for existing patients who need continuing care or people with an emergency. We will be available to give you advice.

A little bit of news from the practice, which we are less happy about, is having to announce that our wonderful Canadian Chiro, Paul, will be heading home this month. Of course, we are also delighted for him, Sarah and baby Zola as they are returning to their home, families and friends.
And a reminder that Estelle is running a restricted diary that allows her to care for those of you who need it most while still complying with government guidelines. However, just to reassure you, we are here if you need us.
Feel free to use our contact form online at any time.
At home –––>

Banana smoothies
This recipe is based on being non-dairy, but swap the ingredients to dairy if you prefer. To get the kids involved, you could call this a milkshake or on a hot day, make it a float. Let them do the work – and the cleaning up!
Ingredients Method
1 banana
2 tablespoons coconut cream (or yoghurt or vanilla ice cream)
1 teaspoon of honey
A pinch of
Almond milk (or coconut water or dairy milk)
For a smoothie, add all the ingredients to blender – except the milk or coconut water. Blitz until smooth then dribble in the liquid and pulse so it doesn't spray everywhere.
For a float, blitz the banana, honey and cinnamon first, add the milk or coconut water, then pour into a glass, topping with a scoop of ice cream.
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