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Life can be full of curiosities, dramas and far too much hard work. Yet some people just adore their choice of career. Lynn Sachs, who now works on our our desk, is one of those people….

Way back as a teenager, she had her heart set on dancing and her eyes on the stage and becoming a star. At 18 she boarded a plane to Paris to join the legendary Bluebell Girls dance troupe at the famed Lido Theatre. Within moments, she was asked whether she would consider a transfer to Argentina, where she built her career and reputation as a dancer. A decade as a performer and Lynn had become known as ‘Inglisita’ – little English girl – across the entire region, from Buenos Aires to Santiago in Chile.

Sadly, the impending Falklands War sent her back to Europe but the lure of the Spanish stage called her back to the bright lights. Across the decades, Lynn danced on stage and in films, sang in theatres and cabarets and loved every single second. Such a physical career took it’s toll and she visited a chiropractor, who just happened to be Estelle.  The rest as they say, is history… 

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We hope you all had a restful Easter break. Recently, there has been much colourful fun decorating the walls and last week, our clients helped judge our Easter colouring competition. It all got very serious but congratulations to Lucas, Jack and Sheila for their delightful colouring competition entries. 

This month, for those of you making appointments, Jo will be off for a week to spend some time with the three men in her life and Estelle will be away at the beginning of May as she introduces Luna to the joys of Provence!

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