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We all look forward to summer, getting out, going somewhere new, relaxing away from the usual daily routines and trials. It brings out our adventurous side to explore the world, whether it’s at home or abroad. Yet sometimes, the thought of actually getting to your destination can be tiresome. 

No matter what your mode of transport, being stationary and cramped in one place for extended periods can be a real issue. The lack of movement can set off back problems, neck or even knee pain. Obviously, missing out on the fun isn’t a great option, so chiropractic care can help you with that. Consider having an adjustment before you go away so you are in the best possible shape to cope with the time spent travelling. 

Once on the way, get up and move about whenever you can and try some gentle exercises like these, even when sitting. Repeat each one 5 times.

  • Neck rolls - drop your chin to your chest then rotate your head slowly in both directions. 
  • Shoulder rolls: with arms at your side drop your shoulders and roll back.
  • Forward bends: lean slowly to touch your toes, then unroll back to sit up. 
  • Squats: stand with a straight back and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Calf and toe rises: with feet flat on the floor, raise your heels until you are on the tips of your toes. Repeat with your heels on the floor and toes up.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated for your journey. It helps with all sorts of issues like puffy legs and headaches/muscle aches while travelling. And of course, once you come home, please get in touch if you find you need some extra advice on any travel related pains.

                                                                            Have great holiday!

In September, Estelle will be off for two weeks in Scotland with her sister and best friend, who are over from Australia. As we are still going through summer holidays, Jan and Ros will keep everyone straight with appointments. Please click here if you would like to book one.

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