A message from Estelle…

Hands up – who can believe it’s nearly Christmas? 

This year has been the most testing that many of us will ever know… at least I hope so. Our history shows that events, both good and bad repeat over time, but from here on in I will be focusing on the good. 

I’m so glad that I have been able to keep the practice open and have been supported by my on-the-spot and remote team members, my clients,  friends and family. 

My love and thanks to you all. Merry Christmas…

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Coming up, we have two or three weeks to get out and get moving. To make the most of this time, here are some of my ideas for December activities that will add to our happy-and-healthy quota:

  • Walk more – 10,000 steps a day is the recommended target. Get an app or Fitbit to count for you; start with 1,000 steps and add 500 more every day until Christmas.
  • Clean more – seriously! If you vacuum or iron to music, you are also exercising. Grab your favourite album, turn up the volume and dance your way through the chores. My current go-to dance band is INXS. 
  • Watch more – but go outside to do it. Admire the trees, the moon and stars, the beach. Download an app that identifies what you see; I love Star Walk for constellations and NatureGate for plants.
  • Chat more – challenge yourself to call at least 3 people you haven’t spoken to in the last month or so. Find out what they are up to, exchange ideas and start a fun challenge with one of these activities.
  • Explore more – grab a map and find somewhere you have never been and always wished you had. Walk around a different village, a park, a section of the coast and simply absorb what is around you

At the practice –––>

Just briefly, it’s Toy Day this week and, no doubt will be as much fun as ever. Donations are rolling in – thank you! – and we will keep accepting them during the break in the lockdown. 

Tracy Taylor has left us and we wish her all the best with her future plans. Holding the fort will be our two favourite Jan’s – Pearson and Ware – until we can find a new team member. I will be hiring in the New Year, so if you know someone who might be a good fit, and would like to work 16 hours a week, let them know so they can send me a CV.

And finally –––>
Rather than a recipe this month, I would like to mention my favourite glass artist, who is also my webmaster. Between building this site and designing all my marketing items, Beth makes time to create the most amazing art from glass. You have probably seen the Naturally Chiropractic glass panel upstairs at the practice and the scene above is also one of hers. Next month we will be promoting all our local small businesses, but in the meantime, do take a look at the See Through Sand online shop. Let’s help keep all small businesses alive.

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