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It’s that time of year again where our thoughts turn to resolutions (that we will probably be breaking by February). When it comes to our health, it’s a great time to make some gradual changes or look at where we can do things better. We all know what needs changing in our own life/lifestyles, but accepting that knowledge and actually making the changes are two completely different things. There is no magic key, but in the spirit of making small steps possible, here are some tried and tested things to do that will help you be more resilient and functional. 

1.    Get adjusted! Make a small commitment to regular check ups so your brain and body are working as well as they can. 

2.    Drink more water. Such a simple thing to do. Make sure you are filling a water bottle in the morning (2 litres is a great amount to work from) and drink it all by the time you go to bed of an evening. 

3.    Address your diet. Eat real food and move away from anything produced in a laboratory or has more ingredients (or those you can’t pronounce) than if you were making it yourself at home. Maybe look at fasting – there is lots of research showing how different length fasts have differing effects on your body. Increased immune function, better gut function, detoxification, clearer head and better sleep, less aches and pains, more balanced hormones… the list goes on and on. 

4.    Rest! We spend our lives being convinced we are idle if not busy all the time, but rest allows us to heal, balance our sleep patterns or just sit with our thoughts and emotions. 

    5.    Put yourself first. You can’t help anyone else or lead by example if you are running on an empty tank. 

    6.    Move your body. Even if it’s just a daily walk, your brain requires movement from your body to express full function and health. Vary your activities but get out and move in some way every day. 

And if you need some specific advice, ask at reception or wander through our Living Naturally pages.

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As always, we have to send a huge thank you to those of you who helped make our Toy Day yet another outstanding success. We can hardly describe the gratitude that comes from the Salvation Army and The Bay Foodbank as we deliver all those sacks of goodies.

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