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It’s a natural instinct, a physical response controlled by our auto-immune system. It’s something we rarely think about, yet we should. When we breathe in we absorb oxygen, using it for every bodily function – moving, eating and even thinking. Oxygen also ensures we get rid of unwanted toxins and helps our body repair. We then expel carbon dioxide through our lungs (which is what plants need to breathe out oxygen again – such a cool cycle of connectivity in our world!). So why do we need to think about how we breathe? By adjusting our breathing patterns we can make improvements to the way we feel and function day to day. 

There are two breathing techniques that we have been studying… one is Buteyko, which resets your system by teaching it to breathe slower and deeper. This, in turn, increases the CO2 in our systems, stimulating our breathing, so can be very helpful to asthmatics for example.

Another, more topical system at the moment, comes from Wim Hoff, whose methodology does the opposite. It aims to increase the oxygen in our system. This is already known to scientists to be beneficial for many conditions. Think hyperbaric chambers that are used for scuba diving accidents, extreme pneumonia and even CoVid19. Over-oxygenation instigates a healing state that can reduce inflammation, auto-immune diseases and the side effects of chronic stress.

Over the next few months, we will be running some small group sessions so you can try this out and see about integrating it into daily life.  

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Congratulations abound this month… To both Tina and Nell who have passed their latest round of chiropractic exams and are now halfway there! Plus a special extra hooray for Tina and Ross, who tied the knot a few weeks back  

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