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And about time, too! There has simply been too much rain. However, there is warmer weather and sunshine creeping through the clouds so we can – at last – get outside more. This is particularly good news as we all need to keep our vitamin levels topped up to support our bodies and our brains.

The ones we need most just now are:

  • Vitamin D – aka sunshine! Get out and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Vitamin C – any food that’s orange. 
  • Zinc – that’s eggs, fish, chicken and most proteins.

All these help boost our immune systems, clear free radicals and fight off invading bacteria and viruses. We sell high-quality Vitamins D and C at the practice and can advise on what might help you best.

At the practice –––>

We have lots of news this month, so here goes:

  • The practice will be shut next week (June 1–4) as both Jo and Vanessa are taking a deep restorative breath and heading away for a few days. We will be monitoring phones so do get in touch if you need us.
  • Estelle should be back in action soon and will be adjusting from July 5th. Fingers crossed. It’s been a long, slow road to recovery but her cocktail of adjustments, acupuncture and physiotherapy seems to be working on that pesky wrist.
  • We are excited to tell you that our two lovely assistants, Nell and Christina have both been accepted into chiropractic college! Nell is heading to the south coast so will start studying in September in Bournemouth, while Christina is staying almost local and will study in Middlesborough. We will miss them both dreadfully, but are so delighted that we have given ‘birth’ to two new chiropractors.

And lastly, just to mention that we have recently created an updated mailing list. Please forgive us if we have contacted you in error. You can unsubscribe at any time, just let us know so we can correct the list.

At home –––>

While topping up your vitamin and zinc levels can be done quickly and accurately with supplements, it’s always a good idea to think about natural methods. Even an instant snack can help – grab a handful of almonds for zinc and mandarins are full of vitamin C.

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