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The newest member of our chiro-assistant team is PAUL. Some of you may have met him as he works with Jo on Tuesdays and Fridays. Actually, they first met some years back when Paul was a client at another practice. At the time, he was a personal trainer with his own studio. His other passion was training and teaching martial arts. His experiences even took him down the road to performing some stunt work in indie martial arts movies! 

Over the years, Paul became more interested in the way our bodies work in tandem with the nervous system, which led to reassessing his career and a move to retraining as a chiropractor. At the moment, he is knee deep in his studies at Teeside University, and halfway through his first year. He came on board with us as a firm believer in ‘on the  job’ learning to complement his academic studies. 

Naturally, Paul is still committed to using the knowledge from his previous careers to help people keep fit. Closer to home, his days include the two dogs, his wife Jo, and 8 kiddies in total! But he still finds time for an extraordinary amount of studying! 

We all know how important exercise is, how just a few minutes each day can keep you feeling on top form, especially if you spend long periods in front of a desk. If that’s you, try this rather unusual – but relaxing – stretch. First, fold and roll up a bath towel to about 4 inches thick and the length of your spine. Place it on the floor and lay down over it so the length is in line with the length of your spine. Gently relax your shoulders and hips so they stretch down to the floor. It may take a little time but about 10-15 minutes in this position can really help pull out some kinks! 

And, if you really love this exercise, you can get D-shaped foam rollers.

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