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Paul Kjos hails from Canada
and has spent time in the USA,
Australia and Austria, before arriving
in the north of England.
Paul graduated magna cum laude from the University of Western States
Chiropractic College in Portland, OR, USA in 2017.

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Paul Kjos

Growing up in wintery Canada, Paul came from an athletic background competing at the highest level in volleyball. He was awarded scholarship for his undergrad degree from the University of Winnipeg to compete on the men's volleyball team and won a National Championship.

After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, Paul spent a season competing in the top professional volleyball league in Austria. Paul grew into a chiropractic health model based on how he approached his own wellbeing while maintaining his ability to compete at the elite level. Being allergic to common pain relieving medication, he needed to seek out alternative methods to prepare his body for the next big match.

His ultimate goal in treatment for patients is to help them move better, function efficiently, and prepare them to take on their next big life goals and challenges. When Paul is not around the office he is enjoying his time exploring the sights around the Tyne and Wear with his wife, Sarah and their baby daughter, Zola He also currently competes on the Northumbria University volleyball team in the top England League.

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