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We’re coming into another month and still the subject of a sunny summer is on our minds or – should we say – the lack of one? We might be lucky and get some better weather but if not, it’s important to ensure we top up the vitamins we usually associate with sun rays – D3 and K2.

Vitamin D is essential for our immune system and the lack of it has been linked to a number of health problems including cancers and immune system problems. D3 is produced by our skin (and kidneys) thanks to sunshine on our skin. K2 is produced by good bacteria in the gut and is used to convert the stuff our skin produces with sunshine into useable Vitamin D3. Living in the UK means we typically don’t get sufficient UV radiation hitting our skin to produce it. 


For those who work indoors or seem to miss out on spending the few brighter days outside, you might want to supplement your intake regularly. We sell some high calibre supplements at the practice plus you could focus some of those grey days on cooking up recipes that will help. Oily fish and green vegetables are the way to go. We love this fresh and colourful salad –try it and tell us what you think.

Sunshine salad

    •    2 carrots and 1 large courgette shredded into long strips

    •    2 cooked beetroot, diced and 2 large handfuls of baby spinach leaves

    •    2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

    •     small pack dill, chopped, plus some extra fronds

    •    1 small red onion, finely chopped

    •    280g poached or lightly fried wild salmon

    •    2 tbsp capers in vinegar, rinsed

Shred the carrots and courgette into long spaghetti strips with a julienne peeler or spiralizer then pile onto two plates and scatter with the fresh spinach. Stir the beetroot, balsamic vinegar, chopped dill and red onion together then spoon on top of the veg. Break the salmon into bite-size pieces, scatter over the vegetables then add the capers and extra dill.

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Images: Estelle Zauner Maughan/

While Estelle is exploring beautiful Scotland, Jo is going to be picking up some more hours as Thomas is starting school. Tina starts her 3rd year at chiro college and Becca will change some of her hours as she starts her bridging year before starting chiropractic college. Exciting times for everyone!

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