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If you follow our Facebook page, you would have recently seen our chance encounter with a previous client… or should we say the mother of a previous client who is now a happy, healthy 14 year old.

Many people don’t know that chiropractic care is safe and effective for babies and children as well as adults. Child birth is, in itself, no mean feat and coming in to the world (let alone the nine months leading up to it) can have effects on some babies spines and nervous system. We often see babies with feeding problems, simple mechanical locking of some areas due to the birth process ranging through to hip problems or even broken bones from the birth process.

At the practice we also focus on the care we can give women during pregnancy. Joanne and Estelle have undergone extra training in pregnancy and paediatric care and have been seeing babies and bumps for many years (27 for Estelle, 17 for Jo). If you are currently pregnant, thinking about having babies or already have a child you think would benefit from being checked, we give a brief description here on what we could do for you. 

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Our Easter colouring competition is in full swing and we can’t wait to hand over our prizes (as always, enormous truffle filled eggs from Gareth James Chocolatier). Each category is always hotly contested and it may surprise you which age group get most competitive. Pop in to pick up your picture, return it to us asap so it can be added to the judging! 

If you are looking for something delicious to make with the kids over Easter, can we suggest our Choc-berry truffles. The recipe is easy for kids of all ages and contains lots of energy giving nutrients.

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