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Children are normally resilient and very flexible; in an ideal situation they recover quickly and completely from life stresses. They are able to balance and correct themselves in most circumstances. However, every now and then some of these stressors can have longer lasting effects and their body responds to these problems with tension, slowly becoming inflexible. Many cases of spinal degeneration in adults can be traced back to injuries and problems occurring during childhood.


Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes. During pregnancy a womans body goes through physical changes including changes in hormones, posture, ligament structure, not to mention the emotional stresses surrounding impending parenthood. Pelvic pain and back pain are common and may indicate that your body is expressing an inability to cope with these changes or with other pre-existing imbalances.  During all stages of pregnancy, chiropractic methods (or techniques) can be adapted to safely accommodate these changes and may reduce tension and imbalance in the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine and pelvis so you (and your baby) are more comfortable and able to maintain exercise levels throughout your pregnancy.


Sports people, from the beginners to the elite can benefit from chiropractic care by keeping your muscles and body mobile, flexible and balanced. By keeping your body working at its best, you maximise your strength and energy levels, lessen the chances of injury and increase recovery time when injury does occur.

Many elite athletes in the North East and around the world use chiropractic help keep competing at their best. Chiropractors are on the staff of sporting teams worldwide and work as part of the health care teams for major sporting events such as the Olympics and Para-Olympics. The Koes Clinical Trial (1991) found that chiropractic care was more effective than physiotherapy in improving physical functioning in fewer visits. Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt are advocates of regular chiropractic care and regularly credit their ability to perform and recover to regular chiropractic adjustments.

Newborns, pregnant women, elite athletes, professionals, adults and children of all ages… there is no limit to who we accept for care beyond a desire to be well and healthy.

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