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Sometimes it comes from a childhood experience – what do you want to do when you grow up – at other times, our ideas for the future develop as we age and our experiences change. There’s no doubt though, that most dreams need to be adapted as the world around us evolves, or as our knowledge into ourselves change. Don’t forget to ask yourself if you are chasing your own goal or dream - or that of someone else? 

One of the tricks to motivation and achieving our dreams and goals is to check now and again that you are still invested in the goal and ensure you haven’t been pulled off track. If this all sounds a bit fluffy, there are many practical reasons why we should do our best to focus on any dream, not matter how big or small or why it might have changed.

At the practice, we often see and hear about our clients goals, especially those that focus on our physical and mental health. We also see how it can be hard to stay enthusiastic when our lives are so busy. The point is to be realistic about what you can achieve and accept changes may occur. If that happens, plan something new. It’s summer now, and a good time to think about your physical targets. The weather is good (mostly) so getting out for a walk or swim is more appealing. Set yourself a target to go out every day, but allow yourself the option of saying no if you need to change your plans. Later in the year, once it starts to get cooler, think more about your mental health, so start a new project like learning a language or reading more books.

There are also activities that can tick both boxes. How’s this for a few ideas?

Redecorate a room – redesigning your living space can give you a buzz as you think through the creative process of choosing colours and fabrics, while the scrubbing, painting and making is also a gentle form of physical exercise.

Learn a new skill - adult education classes are great if want to learn how to make a table, put up shelves or learn to speak Greek.

Look at the bigger picture - consider the planet by helping a natural cause. Beach clean ups are vital, or The Big Butterfly Count is on this week, see how you can help conservation and research into these beautiful creatures, moths and bees.

Estelle has nipped off to Greece for a short but well-earned break. However, Jo and Vanessa will still be at the practice for their usual shifts should anyone need help.

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