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Isn’t it amazing how this year can be summed up by the continuing themes of change and adaption followed closely by the dramas and soap operas of local politics, worldwide economics and global environmental damage. 

Last month, Estelle and her A-team dive buddies finally managed to get underwater and spent some incredible days catching up with people not seen in the flesh for over two years. And there is nothing, quite frankly, like a big hug from someone you love!

For those of us on this trip, we also spent time with other nationalities and saw the world from their point of view. The Europeans still don’t quite get the Brits (did they ever?) and the locals were charming and friendly. However, even the supposedly idyllic Asian countries are having to cope with this whole new planet.

And now, we are heading into Christmas, a time for celebration and relaxation with more of those people we love. We hope you have a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you all soon.

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Can we remind you that December 7th is our 17th Annual Toys and Food for Adjustment Day, supporting the Salvation Army and the Bay Foodbank. 

Clients with appointments that day will have their usual fee waived in exchange for a new toy or non-perishable food item (recommended to the equivalent value of your adjustment) to be distributed by the Salvation Army and Bay Food Bank. Full details are here. 

If you would like an appointment  please call in (0191 259 677) as the calendar is getting pretty full. OR if you would simply love to help you can drop items in to the practice during office hours. 


We will be closed from Friday, December 23rd and will reopen on January 3rd 2023. If you need an appointment before the New Year, please fill in this form or call us. We will be monitoring messages in case you have an urgent need to see one the team.

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