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We have had a lot of discussions in practice recently about sleep and the importance of it to our health. Good quality and quantity of sleep is essential to our health and well-being. It reduces our risk of mental health issues, heart disease and diabetes along with better weight management to name just a few positive points. Lots of people worry about their sleep (or lack of it), but don’t know about the simple things you can do to help improve your sleep and therefore your health. 

Think about avoiding stimulants such as tea, coffee, nicotine – or even NOT eating after 7pm. Keep your bedroom slightly cool and dark. Maintaining the bedroom as a two purpose room – sleep and sex. Turning off all the electronics (phone, iPad, tv) two hours before bedtime to allow your brainwaves to calm down. Keeping the lighting dim before bedtime also helps quiet our brain (or using blue light blocking glasses when the lights go on). Adding in routines like a warm bath (with Epsom Salts or lavender oil) before bedtime, meditation or gentle yoga can also help. Taking a good quality magnesium supplement may also help calm your nervous system – ask your chiropractor for a recommendation and advice as to how to take it.

At the practice –––> a new view on Living Naturally…

We have recently updated our sister-site, Livingnaturally.life. For those of you who don’t know it, Living Naturally was born when Estelle realised she needed to create a better diet for herself. She also realised that many people who visit the practice struggled to find natural ways to address issues that bother them – like how to get a good nights sleep. Her research still continues and the results are on this website. 

Estelle’s aim is to help others improve the way we all eat, move about and live our lives. We hope it helps you – let us know what you think, especially if there is something you have discovered that may help us, too! 

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