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to 2022!

After all the strangeness of the last two years, at the practice we have decided our response to this coming year we will be to focus on gratitude and health. We have been painfully made aware of the importance of being grateful for what and whom we have. However, we are also seeing more people who are having difficulty gaining access to health care. While there may not seem to be much we can do about the bigger picture, there is much that we – as individuals – can do to take care of ourselves.

This is our motivation for 2022, to help you see where you can make some changes to your lifestyle that will hopefully support you as you regenerate and grow into this new and different world we are faced with. Small changes in how you eat, move and think can be the incentive for ensuring that you never need to see a specialist and recover better if you do.

At the practice –––>

December was a very busy month with Toy Day on the 8th. So many toys and food supplies arrived early that we had to organise extra deliveries for both the Salvation Army and The Bay Foodbank. They – and we – have to thank you all for your generosity.

The practice will be reopening on January 4th. In the meantime, we will get messages, so if you need us, please get in touch.

And finally, for January –––>
Yes that’s right. No amazingly naughty, delicious treat from our amazingly creative chef, Jan Ware. Don’t despair our recipe section will be back!! Instead we thought you would like a quick round up of our team members, near and far… 

Firstly, we bid a fond farewell to Jacqui for helping us out on the desk. She is returning to her previous career with the police force, now as a civilian investigator. Our lovely Charlotte is also diverting to become a mental heath advisor and will be much missed. Both Nell and Christina are home for Christmas, but it’s only a short break between their studies to become the next generation of qualified chiropractors. They are both doing well after their first terms at college. 

Of course, Estelle, Ros, Jo, Vanessa and Jan are still here and looking forward to seeing you in 2022. 

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