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For many years, I have been a mentor for young adults finding their feet in this world. In the days before social media it wasn’t so difficult to encourage kids to dream big and believe in themselves. 

Now it’s somewhat more challenging. Just looking at a phone or tablet constantly is damaging enough (text neck is a real thing!), the lack of mobility and meaningful social interactions are other concerns. Then there’s the overwhelming growth of social media and online networking that mean we get to add in unachievable images and lifestyles, trolls, grooming, bullying and personal intrusions such as tracking movements.

Maybe it’s time to limit screen time? Maybe leave the tech at home from time to time? Spend some time together as a family and maybe invite the kids friends, too? Make outdoor adventures and in-person activities more normal again? 

My challenge to you all this month is to get a group of young people talking, interacting face-to-face and maybe even doing something fun in nature. It could be as simple as watching for dolphins from the end of Tynemouth Pier. Who’s up for it? 

It’s all fairly easy-going at the practice – it’s so good to say that be able to report that we now have some form of normalcy!

Jan and Ros have both been on holiday recently; Christina has passed her exams with exceptional results (well done, Tina) and Nell is just finishing hers now, so we should know the results next month. 

If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of social media with your kids, this link to might help.

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