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Humans need sleep. We all know that, but sometimes we don’t quite know why we can’t sleep and what to do to fix that feeling of being completely out of sync with the world. 

Our bodies work in a cycle known as a circadian rhythm. This 24-hour cycle reserves a third of that time for sleep, which then regulates our physical and mental processes. The sleep-wake cycle ensures our body and brain has time to repair, restore and reenergize. Sleep resolves the stresses caused by work, family and other pressures that can cause behavioural issues particularly related to mental health – such as a lack of focus, vigilance, attention, motor skills and memory. 

Resetting our minds to allow for a better nights sleep may take some time, but there are several ways to get back on track: 

  • Adjust your routine by counting back 7-9 hours from when you have to get up, then go to bed at this same time every night.
  • Ensure your bedroom is a comfortable temperature and dark! Blackout blinds are ideal – especially in summer – so you don’t see the sunrise.
  • Take some time to relax with an easy-going book but don’t take work to bed, or electronic devices, and ban the TV to where it belongs.
  • Lavender is known to aid sleep by calming the central nervous system. Try a few drops of oil or a lavender bag under your pillow.
  • Magnesium supplements can relax your nerves and muscles, so are particularly good for those that suffer from night cramps.

And, of course, if you feel your sleep might be due to a physical problem, please come and see us. You know where we are….

The last few months have seen us say fond farewells to a few good friends and some long-standing clients. Some have departed after long, healthy lives, others left us far too young due to illnesses. In their collective memory, we have donated our profits from one day this month to Ataxia UK and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks to those of you who came in that day and took part.

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