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Hands up?
Who is not currently glued to the TV on Tuesday nights for Freeze the Fear? Just me then…

Known as the Ice Man, Wim Hof was my inspiration for beginning cold water dipping five years ago. I couldn’t listen to a podcast or speaker without them mentioning the benefits of cold water, how dipping had changed their lives

and taming your thoughts using Wim’s methods.

In the current climate of fear and uncertainty, facing a challenge such as introducing cold water into your life (I started with cold showers) or even taking time to sit with your thoughts in nature are wonderful ways to counteract the chronic stress response in our bodies. For many of us, aches and pains, insomnia and unfocused thinking may be linked with chronic stress. This can be caused by all manner of things, not least the consistent pressure of our daily lives.

For many people the idea of exposure to extreme cold is frightening. Yet exposing your body to cold may speed up your metabolism, reduces inflammation, swelling and sore muscles. The knock-on effect is a boost to your endorphins, which improves your mind-body connection.

Aside from dipping in King Eddies every morning with Luna, I also take time daily to listen to a mindfulness exercise or meditate on the Calm app and take magnesium to help muscles and nerves work better and improve sleep.

If nothing else, take a look at the programme (BBC1,Tuesday night or on iPlayer). You may not feel like you could do what these celebrities are doing, but just by watching, quite a lot will get your heart racing.

At the practice –––>

All is status quo at Naturally Chiropractic, as we continue with our usual schedules. Our Easter colouring competition was a great fun – did you know colouring in is another great way to calm your mind? And our fabulous winners were Ava (under 10’s), Zoe (11-17) and Maddie (18 and over). That’s Maddie’s on the left. Thanks to everyone who took part! 

We’re also wishing good luck to Nell and Christina in their end of year exams marking their first year of chiropractic college.

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