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Recently I have had a lot of thoughts about being busy and filling time. Keeping going at all costs and pushing through that to do list….
Perhaps it’s time we all looked at why we need to fill those quiet moments. Why are we resisting changing those health habits that have led us to challenges and stress? In order to change the outcomes we now have to deal with, perhaps we need to start doing things a little differently? In the practice we have started asking each other about the other side of our beliefs…. what would happen if we focussed on something else? What would happen if we changed what we were eating? That person who thinks differently to me, what made them have that belief? Why is that person thriving and I am not? 

Everything we currently believe, we have been taught by someone else who also saw things that way. What would happen in our lives if we started to question that?…. Our October is all about finding some peace to think about those beliefs. Autumn is upon us, it’s the perfect time to start reflecting. 

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December 7th is now set for our annual Toys for Adjustment Day! We are so looking forward to this special day in the year when we can help others and spread the fun of Christmas into some hilarity at the practice. What’s more,
we are already taking bookings. If you would like a free adjustment on that day – in exchange for a toy or food gift – please get in touch and we’ll book you in. Full details on how this works will be on next month’s news.

On another note, by the time you read this, Estelle will have finally returned to her other big love and will be 30 metres down diving with some big fish (fingers crossed). Jo and Vanessa are covering beautifully as always.

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