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It’s hard to escape the knowledge of a huge increase in allergies in our children (and adults too!). With the cost of food rising, the prices of ‘free from’ foods has jumped in an even bigger way. So, what causes allergies and how may we avoid or minimise them? Studies done by the professor of paediatric allergy at the Kings College in London have found that children whose parents have allergies are 60-80% more likely to develop allergies than those with allergy free parents (5-15% chance). It is now thought that skin damage in early weeks of life and exposure to pollutants, chemicals and detergents sensitise the immune system so that when we eat similar proteins later on we are already on red alert to them. Other issues include damaging the gut bacteria or not being exposed to enough variety of gut bacteria may also contribute to the development of allergies.

What can we do then to help ourselves and our families who suffer? Reduce pollutants and chemical use around the home, eat organic foods where possible (and less processed food), give children a wider range of foods in their first year and exposure to pets and animals when young (seems to increase the types of bacteria in our guts and make our immune system more robust).

Making our foods from scratch instead of buying processed free-from varieties may also help reduce the financial load a little (and the chemical load as these products often have extra chemicals to replace the gluten etc).

There is more allergy information here

At the practice –––> a new member to our team!

Some of you already know massage therapist, Mandy Whelan but you won’t know she has now joined the Naturally Chiropractic team and will working from the practice in St Oswin’s Place.

Mandy and Estelle first met through their mutual attraction to cold water dipping and swim together most mornings. To start, she will be with us on Thursday afternoons, so feel free to book an appointment on this form, or give us a call.

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