Tynemouth's premier chiropractic care facility

Our aims…

To ensure all our clients are given the best possible care, we promise to:

  • Value your time
  • Educate you in the workings of your body
  • Encourage your active participation in your health care and honour your health goals
  • Work as part of a health care team to ensure you are getting appropriate care from quality practitioners who are trained to the highest standards, maintaining and improving their level of knowledge regularly
  • Maintain strict patient confidentiality of records and attendance
  • Charge a fair price
  • Monitor your progress

Before accepting you for care at Naturally Chiropractic, you need to also recognise and accept your responsibilities to us:

  • To be as punctual as possible for your appointments
  • To give 24 hours notice if needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • To follow your recommended care schedule
  • To pay your account at the time of consultation
  • To ask questions
  • To accept the responsibility for the improvement and maintenance of your health - no one can do it for you!

We have a wealth of health information available at our practice and if you have any questions or queries regarding your health recovery, or indeed about any other related matter, please do not hesitate to use our brochures or ask us for assistance.

The Naturally Chiropractic Team are confident that chiropractic will offer you greater health and wellness along with a speedy recovery and enhanced lifestyle. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to enrich your life and that of your friends and family.

We hope to help you feel better, have a better understanding of your body and make healthier choices, while showing you how to take more responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Naturally Chiropractic:  1a St Oswins Place, Tynemouth NE30 4RQ

t: 0191 259 6777  | e: info@naturallychiropractic.co.uk