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Who we see…

Many people visit a chiropractor either because they have an ache or pain (back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain for example) that is interfering with their life in some way, they have had an accident, or because they have been referred by a friend who has noticed how much better they feel after having their spine checked.

There is no limit to who we accept for care beyond a desire to be well and healthy. Chiropractic care is safe and effective and our Chiropractors are experienced and highly trained to adapt care to spines of all ages and stages in life. Estelle and Joanne have done extra training in the care of pregnant women, children and babies. 

At Naturally Chiropractic we believe that addressing your bodys needs can happen at any stage of life. 

Whilst you may not be in pain, your body may be limiting your enjoyment of ordinary things, such as sitting comfortably at work, using your gym membership, sleeping soundly and waking up with energy, enjoying your pregnancy or simply feeling great all the time.

People come to us for all sorts of reasons, and we hear lots of stories about how other aspects of life can change for the better under Chiropractic care.

At Naturally Chiropractic we aim to help you heal the area that is sore (or taking up all the extra strain), address the area that is not working (and creating those areas of pain or over work) and teach you how to work with your body in the longer term so the problems are less likely to return.

We see people of all ages and stages of life. Chiropractic adds life to your years no matter how old you are. Our techniques can be adapted to suit you.

Naturally Chiropractic:  1a St Oswins Place, Tynemouth NE30 4RQ

t: 0191 259 6777  | e: info@naturallychiropractic.co.uk

Read about how we can help with specific issues and age groups – young children, pregnant women or athletes – on Who we see, page 2