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Your trust is important to us, so we wanted you to know how we collect, store and handle your personal data.

The data we hold about you is, most importantly, a part of your health records, which we hold. We also use your email and phone number to send out reminders for your appointments and to send you our newsletter to keep you up to date about what is happening in the practice.

We collect your data only with your consent when you join the practice. You will have to opt IN to our marketing (which means our newsletters and our postcards for events such as Toys For Adjustment that we hold in the practice), and opt OUT of reminders for your appointments. We have a legal responsibility to hold your data and records but you can rest assured that we do so in a secure manner and the information is securely destroyed when we no longer need to hold it.

You have many rights regarding your personal data such as updating your information and seeing the information we hold for you should you need or wish.

If you are a client of the practice and you wish to update or change your information or change your preferences for in-house marketing or reminders, please let us know. 

Remember you can always unsubscribe or contact us for more information using this form.

If you have purchased an item from us via this website, you may have paid via PayPal. Any details that you submit to them are kept by them, they are not supplied to us.


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