Our dedicated support team 

The support team keeps the clinic running like clockwork by looking after our clients and allowing the chiropractors to focus on giving great care. They provide excellent service and are always on hand to help you begin your journey to better health and balance. If you have any questions, just ask the team.

Ros Johnson, Practice Manager
I first came across chiropractic after introducing my children to Naturally Chiropractic and took a keen interest in how it helped their wellbeing. My background includes extensive office and customer care roles at British Gas and working for a national training organisation in the plumbing and heating industry. I have been with the practice for over a decade and now manage the administration, customer service and help the practice develop. 

Tracy Taylor, Chiropractic Assistant
Chiropractic has been a big part of my life – of the 15 years I have been a chiropractic client, 12 have been with Estelle. My working life includes being a nursery nurse, then in the Post Office for 10 years. When the opportunity arose to work here, I snapped it up. I have three children that keep me on my toes. My eldest has a neurological condition called Friedrichs Ataxia, which led to me to raising money and awareness for Ataxia for many years.

Nell Marshall, Assistant

I first met Estelle and her team when they treated me for a problem with my hip – I couldn’t believe how effective the treatment was. I was thrilled when Estelle asked me if I’d work for her taking client notes during treatments. I love seeing the positive effect chiropractic has on our clients. I have recently completed a music course at Newcastle College and when I’m not working, I am pursuing my dream career and drumming in a band.

Jan Pearson, Chiropractic Assistant

I have worked as a Chiropractors Assistant for the past 10 years or so, Estelle being the first chiropractor I worked with – at a previous practice – so I was delighted to be able to renew our working relationship. Chiropractic has created lots of positive changes for the health and wellbeing of myself and my family so I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with everyone. I am married to Jim and we have two children, of whom we are very proud. 

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